Hotel Baskar is one of the best economy hotels in Tiruneveli Dt, Ambasamudram, city where history and tradition blends with modern fashion and much more. Hotel Baskar is a favored gathering place for all generations while giving you an atmosphere that not just rejuvenates your senses, but also helps you to unwind in a peaceful setting, where almost every need is met.

Its timeless atmosphere imparts both grace and authority to any occasion. Today, The rooms offer the exclusivity, as well as unique service. Our hotel is a peaceful sanctuary in which guest can relax and unwind. The attentive and dedicated staff will ensure you have a pleasant stay, regardless of the purpose of your visit, being business or pleasure.


Hotel Baskar was established by Mr. Subbiah Pandiyan in 1998. His hard work is the only reason behind his success.

This is the first luxuries hotel in Ambasamudram. Our rooms are elegantly furnished, centrally air conditioned rooms are communed with peace. The secret of this place is refreshing, relaxing, and romancing, while you re-discover yourself in your own space. Every single guest is regarded very important person and welcomes each one as if it were their home..

The “Conference Hall” provides you an elegant setting with experienced staff to assist you in planning your special event. A distinctive class hotel, with its exquisitely decorated space has established itself as the scene for high-powered meetings and entertaining family events.

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