The fashionable “Hotel Baskar” restaurant is a place of innovation and style, an intense experience of taste – a place to tantalize all your senses. Enjoy the bubbly atmosphere, the delicate aroma and sensuous taste of traditional ingredients fresh from our chef’s kitchen expressed in exciting new and regional recipes.The chef takes care of the constant pursuit of taste.

Ingredients of exceptional quality are chosen with care for menus that are designed to ensure a memorable dining experience. It’s a multi-sense space featuring a unique and contemporary design along with impeccable service: luxury with an Indian taste. Hotel Baskar gives you a facility where you can take your family in to a peaceful heaven.

Our restaurant serves you the best of gourmet food and is even great for business lunches and dinner that you can keep us to organize in better style. Our restaurant menus combine the very best and freshest produce with Indian regional cooking traditions ensuring a wide choice of delicious dishes at any time of day.

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