Our Facilties

24-hour Reception

We offer 24-hour room service is part of the Lodge's world-class amenities.

Room Service

Family owned and operated, we are known for our highly personalized service.

Flat Screen TV

We offers one of the best Television Services to Lodge guest 24-hours, 7 days a week.

Doctor On Call

We offer medical services to Lodge guests 24-hours. We work closely with Lodge staff.

Free Parking

We offers Private parking facilities. The parking space can accommodate up to 180 cars.

Peaceful Scenery

Our hotel is a peaceful sanctuary in which guest can relax and unwind.

Our Services



The fashionable “Hotel Baskar” restaurant is a place of innovation and style, an intense experience of taste – a place to tantalize all your senses. Enjoy the bubbly atmosphere, the delicate aroma and sensuous taste of traditional ingredients fresh from our.

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Ac Bar

Ac Bar boasts a large variety of the best quality liquors which our skill bartenders are pleased to prepare for you. Should you wish to meet your friends or if you are looking for somewhere to have a quite relaxing drinks with your friends or an excellent night out this is the place to be.

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